HopStart Registration Guidelines

  1. Read our eligibility requirements before registering to ensure that your team is eligible to compete in HopStart: Hopkins New Venture Challenge.
  2. A maximum of 8 competitors per team may register for the competition. Please see guidance on who should register below:
    1. Who should register: all team members who wish to attend the live event (Stage 2) and present on behalf of their team on Friday, April 28, 2023 (maximum of 8 per team). Each team member should register themselves individually.
    2. Who should not register: team members who only wish to assist their team with Stage 1 of the competition. These team members should email hopstart@jhu.edu to request access to their team's LivePlan template instead.
  3. HopStart competitors can choose to compete in one of three categories: Medical Technology & Life Sciences Ventures, Sustainability Ventures, and General Ventures. See the descriptions of each category below to determine the best fit for your venture.
    • General Ventures: The General Ventures category encompasses commercial enterprises in the form of products, services, or technology outside of the scope of the Medical Technology and Life Sciences and Sustainability categories. These ventures identify an opportunity in the market and develop an innovative approach to fill this need.
    • Medical Technology and Life Sciences Ventures: The Medical Technology and Life Sciences Ventures category includes medical devices, digital health solutions, and pharmaceuticals & biologics. These solutions target an unmet need in healthcare and life sciences. These ventures must be feasible and have a scientifically-sound basis. 
    • Sustainability Ventures: Our special topic for this year’s challenge focuses on environmentally-conscious business ideas. Ventures in the Sustainability category tackle a pressing sustainability-related issue and present a solution that “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” Sustainability ventures can be non-profit or for-profit, but must feature sustainability as the core mission and present a plausible business plan for financial viability.
  4. After completing registration, competitors will receive a confirmation email with instructions for completing Stage 1 of the competition.
  5. Within 2 business days, registrants will also receive an email invitation from LivePlan, providing access to their team's business plan template. This is a manual process, so please allow some time between registration and receipt of a LivePlan invitation.
  6. Registrants must accept their LivePlan invitation within seven days, or it will expire. If a link expires, please email hopstart@jhu.edu to request a new invitation.
  7. Review the competition instructions to learn more about completing each stage of the competition and track important deadlines with the complete HopStart timeline.