Video Pitches and Presentations

In each stage of the competition, competitors will need to use effective methods of presentation, persuasion, and storytelling to engage their audience and convince perspective investors to buy in to their business concept. Below are tools and examples that can assist teams in catching judges' attention and moving on to the next round of competition.

Stage 1 - The LivePlan Rounds

In Stage 1 of the competition, teams will need to develop a three-minute video pitch, introducing their business concept to potential investors. Below are suggested tools for video production as well as examples of engaging pitch videos that present a problem, a proposed solution, and an argument for why the proposed solution is worth the investment.

Video Editing Software

Free video editing software can help your team craft an engaging video pitch for your BPC Round 1 submission. Try one or more of the programs below.

Produced Pitch Videos

These produced pitch videos from high school students entering into the Technovation Challenge illustrate how to present their problem, solution, and potential market. While they do not have high production value, the videos introduce viewers to the team and the product, while using simple editing techniques effectively.

Nightingale's Technovation Challenge Video

Snake Byte's Pitch Video

Stage 2 - Competition Day

On Competition Day, teams will present a three-minute pitch without slides in the first round of competition and an eight-minute pitch with slide deck in the second round of competition. Read more about the expectations for Competition Day here. Hone your presentation skills by taking a cue from these competitors.

LilySpec at the 2019 Rice Business Plan Competition:

Party on Demand at Startup Fest 2017:

College Supply at the 2018 Dayton Flyer Pitch Competition:

SoMoLend at FinovateSpring 2012: